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Dollar Thrifty Automotive group improves Fleet Fuel efficiency

Dollar Thrifty Automotive group improves Fleet Fuel efficiency

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group announced that it anticipates significant cost savings for its customers based on the improved fuel efficiency of the rental cars in the Company’s 2012 fleet purchase. As a part of the latest fleet purchase, 67 percent of the vehicles have a highway fuel-efficiency rating of 30 miles per gallon (mpg) or better. Additionally, 98 percent of Dollar Thrifty’s general car models achieve 28 highway mpg or better.

“With escalating gas prices and the increasing burden on travelers, Dollar Thrifty maintains its commitment to delivering value by continuing to purchase vehicles with improved fuel efficiencies,” said Scott Thompson, President and CEO, Chairman of the Board.  “Our diversified fleet of 2012 models not only aligns with our fiduciary duties as an environmental steward, it significantly enhances our value offering to our customers.”

With the improved fuel economy of Dollar Thrifty’s rental cars, customers can expect substantial cost savings. Based on the number of miles customers typically drive Dollar and Thrifty rental cars per year and given a $4.00 per gallon gas price, renters will realize approximately $24 million in gas savings as a result of the fleet’s fuel economy improvements with the 2012 fleet purchase compared to the 2011 purchase.

Among the environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles in Dollar Thrifty’s 2012 fleet purchase is the Kia Rio which has a highway mpg rating of 40 and received the U.S. EPA SmartWay Certification Mark for its low greenhouse gas emissions and minimal air pollution.  Also prominent in the fleet are the popular Ford Focus Sedan and Hatchback, both of which achieve 38 highway mpg, and the Nissan Versa which also receives 38 highway mpg.