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Diverse Luxury Lodges around Australia

Diverse Luxury Lodges around Australia

This week marks the winter solstice in Australia, and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. As this marker of the changing seasons passes us yet again, we reflect on the meaning of light…it really is different down here. The wonder of first light as dawn breaks on every new day. The romance of last light and lingering sunsets. The rising of the moon in all her glory. The deep blackness of the night sky sprinkled with the light of a million stars.

Light guides the daily rituals of the wildlife and marine life that we travel far and wide to see. Sunlight and moonlight are intrinsic in the rhythms of growth and harvest, and the produce we travel to eat. And the moon is the magnet that draws the tides in, and out. Experience winter in Australia

Following The Sun

Light plays an important role for travellers. It guides the destination of that day. Where do we watch sunset? Shall we get up for sunrise? The landscape’s everchanging colours set the stage for memorable moments that define and redefine the places we explore. Days of adventure draw to a close with the lowering of the sun to the horizon. The vivid flare of the sun gives way to lingering twilight. These golden glimpses ignite a powerful sense of place and connection with Australia’s epic landscapes. Read more

Big Sky Nights


Australia’s vast land and skyscape, untainted by urban sky glow, provides some of the most exceptional celestial clarity experienced by stargazers past and present. The remote, regional locations of the lodges provide unparalleled access to these night skies in different ways. Dinners under the stars, expert guides interpreting constellations, luxury ‘swag’ sleepouts, nocturnal wildlife watching, art installations and more.

Discover the best places in Australia for stargazing

The Awe-Inspiring Aurora Australis

Guests who choose to stay at our southernmost lodges – from Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania to Dairy Flat Lodge by Lake House in Daylesford and across the Ikara-Flinders Ranges at Arkaba Homestead – may witness the rare and joyous sight of the Aurora Australis, or ‘Southern Lights’. This ethereal phenomenon occurs when climatic conditions are optimal, most often during Australia’s cooler months, and is best viewed from southern vantage points with minimal light pollution. Recently triggered by extreme geomagnetic storms, the Aurora danced across Australia’s southern skies, putting on a spectacular show for guests and staff. Take a closer look

Seasonal Updates from The Lodges

The Luxury Lodges of Australia are located in regions that have a compelling reason to visit and engage in distinctively Australia, luxury experiences. The lodges are defined by their connection of guests to place through experience. In fact, the 19 lodges offer some 350+ individual experiences inviting guests to get under the skin of their region. For epic light-filled adventures in Australia, take a look at the diverse activities and adventures available across the seasons, including special events, seasonal offers and news from our lodges.