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Cruise West to sell Spirit of Oceanus

Cruise West to sell Spirit of Oceanus

Cruise West has confirmed a suspension of all bookings and voided all current trips on the Spirit of Oceanus.

Following speculation earlier this week the company was in financial trouble, a statement from the Seattle-based operator has confirmed it has begun a “restructuring of the company and its operations”.

The first stage of this restructuring is the termination of the Spirit of Oceanus’ Voyage of the Great Explorers, which launched earlier this year.

Passengers on the epic 335-night world cruise have been forced to disembark, with the vessel now up for sale.

Those affected have been told to contact insurers or credit card providers for compensation.

Cruise West added: “Additional assets may be sold and other steps are being pursued towards a restructure.”


Continuing Operations

While undergoing restructuring Cruise West plans to continue operations.

United States itineraries during October are set to sail as planned, with the Spirit of Endeavour scheduled to depart from Seattle on a British Columbia cruise.

Spirit of ’98 will also depart from Portland, while Cruise West assured passengers trips already underway in Alaska will be completed as planned.

The line is believed to have been struggling financially for some time, taking out a $1.5 million loan earlier this year, while also exploring a potential sale and leaseback deal for Oceanus.

Cruise West’s website lists a fleet of 13 ships capable of carrying between 78 and 148 guests.

In addition to Alaska, the line offers departures Europe, Central America and Mexico.