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Cruise safety soars following sinking of Costa Concordia

Cruise safety soars following sinking of Costa Concordia

On the anniversary of the sinking of the Costa Concordia in 2012, which resulted in 32 deaths, today reveals shifting consumer attitudes to cruise safety, following the introduction of 10 new safety procedures after the event.

Having polled its community of over 200,000 users, the consumer champion for British cruisers found that almost three quarters of cruisers polled (73%) feel that safety procedures are clearly explained on cruise ships they travel with and have been significantly enhanced since the sinking of the Costa Concordia. However, a number of respondents (13%) did claim that the safety demonstrations on ships are confusing; with 8% admitting they tend not to pay attention to safety demonstrations before they travel.

Perhaps signifying why cruise holidays take such a significant share of business within the travel sector, 71% of respondents were of the opinion that cruise ships are a safer means of travel than by plane, a sentiment perhaps owed to the recent tragedies involving Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines.

Commenting on the safety of modern cruise ships, over a third of respondents (39%) believe that cruise liners are purpose built for safety, with 32% claiming that safety should be the primary concern. However, 29% disagreed with this sentiment, believing they are instead built to impress passengers. Interestingly, all respondents claimed that reports of freak tragic incidents do not deter them from going on a cruise.

Seamus Conlon, Managing Director of, comments:
“The sinking of the Costa Concordia was undoubtedly one of the most tragic and avoidable incidents in the cruise industry over the past decade, and it’s a hugely important day to commemorate. As our survey shows, despite this tragedy, British cruisers subsequently have greater confidence when travelling and this is due to the commendable safety standards that are rife within our industry. The Costa Concordia is an important reminder that safety is the primary concern for cruise liners, and we’re confident these standards will only continue to increase over the next decade.” 


“The Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) swift introduction of new policies was exactly what the industry needed following the event. Now, with advanced muster drills – which detail each passenger’s designated safety station and instruct on how to fit a lifejacket, not to mention other implementations including the harmonization of bridge procedures and an increase the supply of lifejackets, it’s not a coincidence that cruisers have far greater confidence in travelling on cruise liners than ever before.”