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Citymapper partners with Zipcar UK for new mobility options

Leading transport app Citymapper has added Zipcar UK to its London app as part of a six-month trial.

The move will ensure that car sharing is included in relevant searches, displaying both route and time needed to complete the trip.

The Zipcar service available on Citymapper is Zipcar Flex, which allows members to drive from just 29 pence per minute, is available across ten inner London boroughs and also offers access to Zipcar’s 325 electric vehicles cars.

Citymapper users need to be Zipcar members in order to use the service.

This is the first time that a car sharing service is included in transport options available to Citymapper users in the UK, showing that car sharing has entered the mainstream in London and become a true part of mobility.


Integrating car sharing allows Londoners to make even more informed choices about how they get from A to B and ensure they travel as sustainably, cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Jonathan Hampson, general manager at Zipcar UK, said: “Car sharing is fast becoming an integral part of London’s transport mix, as this partnership with the UK’s leading travel app shows.

“By working with Citymapper we can help fill the city’s transport gaps and help London run more efficiently and sustainably thanks to the low and zero emission driving we offer.

“And as our member community grows, we’re keen to partner with brands that share similar values and aims to ours and want to make London a less congested, greener and more sustainable city, which is why this partnership makes perfect sense.”