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China Airlines Introduces Trendy Podcast Programming for In-Flight Entertainment

China Airlines Introduces Trendy Podcast Programming for In-Flight Entertainment

China Airlines has announced that it has partnered with “SoundOn”, the No.1 brand in the Taiwanese audio industry, to launch all-new high-quality podcast programming for in-flight entertainment systems. Travelers can now listen to a wide variety of channels on different intellectual topics while in the sky. Programs such as international finance and economy, travel and culture, lifestyle and sustainability will take your ears on a different journey when you fly with China Airlines.

Podcasts are an emerging media that has become all the rage in recent years due to its convenience, diverse content, and ease of learning. Sound is used to provide travelers aboard the flight with a more comfortable and immersive experience. The time in the air can be used to keep up with the latest trends and absorb new knowledge. SoundOn offers the full range of Podcast services. Its library covers more than 20 topics including business, art, comedy, leisure, and family. There are tens of thousands of files filled with exciting content.

For its partnership with China Airlines, SoundOn has helped handpick a diverse range of high-quality Chinese-language podcast programs that will provide travelers with a brand new in-flight entertainment option. The global network of China Airlines will bring some of Taiwan’s best cultural and creativity programs to the international Chinese-speaking community.

The Podcast service from China Airlines and SoundOn launches across the entire fleet. Travelers will be able to listen to the content for free through the in-flight entertainment system. The first wave of content will include “ZONG - DJSI China Airlines’ number one partner with Michelin Green Star Yang Ming Spring Restaurant on Plant-based Pure Foods Menu”, “Da Win Dining - Echoes Back”, “Be Exceptional, simple, calm”, “CommonWealth Magazine Podcast - Learn New Growth Models from CEOs” and “Two Uncles”. More quality programs will be regularly introduced in the future. China Airlines continues to respond to the latest developments in technology by keeping a close eye on the latest trends and continuing to introduce a wide range of interesting in-flight entertainment content. In addition to the new podcast programming, China Airlines will expand its very popular film and TV library by providing more than 100 Hollywood blockbusters and unforgettable classics from around the world every month. Video quality will be improved across the board as well. “Dynasty Sky Reading” provides more than a hundred electronic publications for unlimited download for all cabin classes. China Airlines is committed to meeting the diverse needs of our travelers by providing the latest in cabin services.