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CASA grounds Tiger Airways

CASA grounds Tiger Airways

Singapore-based Tiger Airways has been grounded by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority following concerns over safety.

It is the first time the organisation has taken such a step, with unions warning Tiger could be out of the skies for several weeks.

The low-cost carrier’s domestic flights have been grounded until at least Saturday, after CASA listed several safety and maintenance concerns.

Some 35,000 passengers are believed to have been affected by the decision, with other airlines in the region adding additional flights to meet demand.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson explained if the authority needs to extend the flight ban it will apply to do so in the Federal Court.

“The process is that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority can only ground an airline for five working days.

“To go any longer than that, we must approach the Federal Court, and put a case for extending the grounding,” Gibson explained

It is the first time CASA has grounded an entire airline.