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Caravanning is most popular with teachers and engineers

Caravanning is most popular with teachers and engineers

Teachers are the most likely profession to be found towing a caravan according to research compiled by The Trading Floor (now part of Callcredit Information Group), which manages the UK’s largest database of car insurance data consisting of 8.8 million motorists.

The statistics, which study the correlation between occupation and ownership, reveal that the top five professions that own a caravan are teachers, engineers, company directors, police officers and civil servants.

*2011 saw a 5% increase in the level of domestic holidays taken in the UK compared to 2010, with holidaymakers opting to holiday at home rather than abroad. The caravan industry itself in the UK contributes around **£6 billion p.a. to the UK economy with 1.5 million people regularly taking touring caravan or motorhome holidays. The Caravan Club alone boasts one million members while The Camping and Caravanning Club has almost 600,000 adult members.

Consequently it is no surprise that there should be such a diverse mix of people from all walks of life who own a caravan.  Commenting on the findings, Chris McDonald Managing Director of The Trading Floor says: “There are many stereotypes associated with caravan owners but our figures reveal that there is a real cross section of people who have fallen for the charms of caravan ownership. 

“Every summer approximately two million caravans take to the roads and although the majority of people who own a caravan are retired, our study of caravan owners that are still in employment, has shown that a surprising range of people have opted for the freedom a caravan can provide.” 


Jon Dale from The Camping and Caravanning Club adds: “The Club really does have a diverse range of members, but their common goal is the same – to enjoy the benefits of caravanning on so many levels.

“Those caravanners who are still in employment use their holidays to get closer to nature and get back in touch with who they really are. We think it’s all about a truer kind of wealth because it’s not about the riches you own; it’s about the emotional richness in our lives.” 

1) Teacher
2) Engineer
3) Company Director
4) Police Officer
5) Civil Servant
6) Nurse
7) Builder
8) Factory Worker
9) Sales Assistant
10) Mechanic