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Café Bateel launches refreshed summer menu

Café Bateel launches refreshed summer menu

Café Bateel is bringing a refreshed take on Mediterranean specialities to tables across the Middle East this summer.

The new menu features plenty of flavourful, wholesome and delectable dishes, crafted using the season’s best ingredients.

“Inspired by conviviality and the idea of coming together over good food, the menu puts the finest and freshest ingredients in the spotlight.

“You’ll find premium, natural flavours as the foundation of every dish on our new menu,” explained chef Nicholas Cuadrado, culinary director at Bateel International.

“Many of the recipes reflect a Mediterranean heart with an Arabian soul.”


All the ingredients in the Café Bateel summer menu are carefully sourced from specialist suppliers from the Med and beyond, with an emphasis on selecting organic produce and farms that put sustainability first.

Highlights from the summer menu include the delicate Salmon Dukkah, where an Arabic dukkah-crusted fillet rests on a bed of grains, asparagus and fennel that is complemented by a zesty coriander salsa, while the Balsamic Beef Short Rib is slow-cooked until tender, glazed with sweet date balsamic, is served with roasted red pepper piperade and delicate thyme potato fondant.

Vegans can savour the Almond Butter & Berry Tartine with caramelised banana and cinnamon toasted oats for a twist on a breakfast favourite, while the Mushroom Carbonara sees shiitake and porcini mushrooms finished in an irresistibly creamy vegan sauce.

There are fresh vegetarian choices as well, including the roasted Spicy Cauliflower salad with lentils and silky tahini maple dressing, while the Butternut Squash Tart sees crisp puff pastry topped with Sicilian aubergine caponata, balsamic roasted squash and piquant Ligurian olives.

Summer desserts also reflect culinary creativity, with a sublime Vegan Chocolate Cake with delicate ganache, and a Chocolate Raspberry Cake that features soft layers of raspberry and rose jam on a crunchy pistachio biscuit base.

The drinks are a revitalising treat too – choose from the Charcoal Detox featuring a blend of banana, berries and activated charcoal, or the Passion Fruit Smoothie with exotic fruits and Bateel’s passion fruit dhibs.

As the home of fine food and exceptional flavours, there’s lots to savour this summer at Café Bateel.

Discover the entire range of Mediterranean-inspired gourmet food and beverages, including hearty salads, homemade pastas, varied mains, date-inspired drinks and
signature Arabian qahwa on your next visit.

You’ll find that every dish feels right at home thanks to the chic ambience, welcoming decor and friendly service, reflecting the tradition of celebratory dining. Find a Café Bateel near you or have your favourites delivered straight to your home today.

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Taking the brand beyond gourmet products, Café Bateel represents the ultimate Bateel experience.

A seamless blend of European café elegance and Arabic heritage, Café Bateel provides a warm and sophisticated ambience where you can enjoy extraordinary gourmet cuisine.

Café Bateel is currently in the running for the title of Saudi Arabia’s Best Restaurant at the World Culinary Awards - click here to vote.