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As part of its `Seamless Next Generation` commitment
to transform global hotel distribution, Amadeus has launched Dynamic Access,
a new level of connectivity, which will give travel agents direct access to
the reservation systems of participating hotels at all stages of the booking

This clear response to the need of hotels for increased data control
eliminates existing barriers to the global distribution of their inventories
and makes Amadeus the most effective channel for hotels to sell and market
their services today.

Dynamic Access is also the solution to an increased demand in the travel
industry for access to seamless data across multiple channels, especially as
travel service providers distribute more online and need to bring customers
closer to the product offering.
The new level of connectivity, which was designed together with hotel
providers and users to suit their needs, offers the following key benefits:

-  Direct access to hotels` own reservation systems ensuring accurate and
consistent information agents can pass on to their customers with complete

-  A multi property display that shows rate ranges rather than individual
rates so agents can tell quickly and easily what is available at what cost
within each hotel property

-  Sales only from single property display which allow reservation to be
automatically made at the highest level reducing the chances of

-  Improved database management for participating hotel chains, which
guarantees data consistency across all channels and throughout the booking

-  An interactive cancellation function allowing hotel providers to
immediately return not only the cancellation number but also details of any
cancellation policy that may apply

-  Pricing and rules information located in one place, with rate information
available to agents in a range of alternative currencies.

Dynamic Access was available for the first time starting 12 June for
Marriott International Hotels, Amadeus` launch partner for the new level of
connectivity. Implementation of other hotel groups will follow in due

“We are thrilled to be participating in Amadeus« new Dynamic Access
programme,” said Bruce Wolff, Marriott International`s Senior Vice President
for Distribution Sales and Marketing. “This expanded functionality provides
agents with the most timely and accurate information on rates and
availability for multiple hotels. This is the same data used by our internal
reservation staff. Agents can now shop and sell Marriott brands with an even
greater level of comfort and confidence knowing that they are receiving
accurate information when making buying decisions,” he added.

Amadeus has also introduced further enhancements to its hotel booking tool
including a more user-friendly screen layout and new, improved rate search
facilities. Rate ranges have replaced the single rates shown previously,
giving users a much broader view of what is available and allowing them to
compare prices offered by different providers more easily. This has greatly
improved the shopping process and productivity for travel agents.


“The main purpose of Dynamic Access is to secure optimum reliability at all
stages of the booking process,” said Mark Lewsey, Director of Marketing for
Amadeus UK. “Through Dynamic Access and other recent enhancements, which are
part of our commitment to create the `Seamless Next Generation` of hotel
distribution, we are vastly improving the hotel shopping experience,
maximising the benefits for both our customers and participating hotel