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Lufthansa & SAA Upgrade to Java-Based Tool


Holdings Corporation has announced that South African Airways

and Lufthansa

German Airlines have selected the new Java-based Sabre Qik Developer Tool as a key component of their next generation of customer service tools.

The travel industry`s leading reservations and airport development solution, the Java-based Qik Developer Tool, allows companies to easily create user-friendly interfaces, improving the ability of reservations and airport personnel to service customers. The Java edition of the Qik solutions, which includes the Developer Tool, offers tools that allow developers to rapidly build graphically rich applications incorporating multiple, key data sources, all within the travel company`s unique work processes. Many users of the Qik solutions have identified the Java edition as the best solution to enable their customer relationship management strategies at the point of service, using the Qik solutions to seamlessly place customer relationship management information right at the fingertips of reservations and airport agents.
“We are excited about this opportunity to utilize the new Java edition of the Qik Developer Tool,” said Petra Bretthauer, director of Customer Care Processes at Lufthansa. “This product gives us the ability to have a very flexible application that allows for easy integration into our company`s long- term architectural objectives. The Qik solution will help us adopt CRM processes quickly and will be an enabler of our CRM strategy at important touch points - our call centers. Through the new advances, this development environment will allow us to provide a compelling solution for our agents, allowing them to better serve our customers.”



Andy Hayward, chief information officer of South African Airways, said, “Taking responsibility for anything that touches the customer is a responsibility we are extremely serious about. The Qik solutions have allowed us to improve our productivity and reduce costs across multiple business units. This upgrade will allow us to evolve our front end interface into a more powerful and customer-focused tool. This will create a more pleasurable experience for our customers and allow us to provide services that our competitors only dream about. The new Java edition of the Qik solutions gives us the ability to swiftly adjust to meet new and upcoming changes in the marketplace without affecting the current operations.”

The latest generation of the Developer Tool builds upon 15 years of innovation, migrating its pacesetting capabilities to the Java platform. The Java edition of the tool not only provides a higher degree of sophistication to end-user applications, but also gives users of the tool the benefits of Java, such as platform and operating system independence. Being able to streamline and efficiently control data sources and technology offers users of the Qik solutions the power to reduce costs and improve customer service.
“Our customers have repeatedly told us that they are looking for resources to help them through the transition from older reservations and airport technologies to the solutions they need today and in the future,” said Steve Clampett

, president of Airline Products and Services for Sabre. The Qik solutions offer a platform that not only works today but also is positioned for the future. Qik also helps companies increase revenues and decrease costs while improving customer service. Lufthansa`s and South African Airways` continued support of the Qik solutions is further testament to their strength and proven history, reinforcing their position as the industry standard.”


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