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Navigaytion Unites Gay & Lesbian Travelers Worldwide

Hyperion Interactive Media

(H.I.M.) and Community Marketing, Inc. (CMI) are pleased to announce their partnership in the launch of, a new online community dedicated to gay & lesbian travel.
Designed to unite gay & lesbian travelers worldwide,

offers news and information related to a wide variety of travel topics, including vacation travel, cruises, adventure travel and more. also offers gay travel vacation booking online, as well as a comprehensive directory of gay and gay-friendly accommodations and travel agents. allows users to quickly and easily find what they`re looking for, as the site is categorized by topic (Adventure Travel, Sports Travel, etc.) and by geographic region. In as little as two clicks, users can find exactly what they are looking for. In addition, provides high-quality articles and other editorial content related to gay & lesbian travel.

“Our research shows that gays and lesbians use the Internet to research travel opportunities far more than their mainstream counterparts,” said Thomas Roth, President of Community Marketing. “Navigaytion provides a much-needed comprehensive resource for discovering gay-friendly destinations and services, from anywhere in the world through the Internet. We see this as a major contribution to our traveling community,” Roth added.

ADVERTISEMENT is a high-tech Internet community with unique features. The site is free for all to use, and it includes a search engine that allows gay & lesbian travelers worldwide to interact with other travelers. In addition, the site offers relevant retail products, and the profits from retail sales allow the site to remain free for all users.