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Continental Airlines Implements New Airport Procedures, Offers Tips For Stress-Free Check-In

Continental Airlines today reaffirmed its commitment to meet strict federal
requirements for checked baggage and announced changes to passenger check-in
procedures at all domestic airports, including its hubs.
Effective Friday, Jan. 18, customers checking in for flights must present
themselves at the gate, ready to board their flight, no later than 15 minutes
prior to departure, even if they have checked in previously.  Customers not in
the boarding area 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure are subject to seat
cancellation and non-transport of their checked baggage.  Continental`s
Contract of Carriage has been revised to reflect this change.
“We already encourage our customers to arrive at the airport at least one
hour to 90 minutes before their flight is scheduled to depart,” said a
Continental spokesperson.  “In most cases, new check-in and gate area
requirements should not cause any added inconvenience.  At some of
Continental`s non-hub airports, though, security processing times may be as
long as 2 1/2 hours; check our website for airport-specific information.”
To speed check-in at all three of its domestic hubs, Continental has taken
steps to reduce waiting times by significantly increasing the number of
security checkpoints.  In addition, the airline has bolstered its extensive
network of automated check-in kiosks throughout the United States, allowing
customers to check-in, obtain boarding passes and avoid lines at ticket

The following tips will help ensure a stress-free airport experience:
* Before leaving home, check the flight`s status on Continental`s
      website,, or register beforehand at the website to
      have e-mail notification sent to a alphanumeric pager, text-ready
      mobile phone or e-mail inbox.

* Allow more than enough time to check-in and walk to the gate.  Some
      airports may require as much as 2 1/2 hours for passenger processing.
      Check the website for average security processing times at major
      domestic airports.

* Whenever possible, check-in and obtain boarding passes at one of
      Continental`s 607 convenient eService Centers, available at
      92 airports across the nation.

* Remember, federal law prohibits carrying sharp or other dangerous
      objects, which could be used as weapons, aboard the aircraft.  Pack
      appropriately to avoid inconvenience at security checkpoints.
* Bring something to read and something for the children to do while
      waiting at security checkpoints and in the gate area.
* Please be patient.  Passengers are randomly selected for more thorough
      security screening at various points in the check-in process.