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Double Click Here For British Airways

British Airways and internet agency, DoubleClick, have signed a landmark on-line advertising deal, spanning 14 countries and four continents with a potential monthly global audience of over 33 million.

The £1million deal will enable British Airways to take advantage of the latest in
on-line advertising technology to raise its profile across top business, finance and travel websites, as well as general portals such as AltaVista.

The project will be introduced over a year and will kick off in Northern Europe with the airline’s current campaign, British Airways 21st Century Travel, featuring its unique fully flat business class bed.

In addition, the new technology will allow the airline to tailor particular adverts to some internet users. British Airways’ Executive Club members, for example, will be recognised when they log on to a branded site and targeted with more relevant information, such as changes to the loyalty scheme or current promotions.

Pat Gaffey, British Airways’ Head of eCommerce, said: “British Airways is one of the few truly global airlines and this deal represents a real step forward for us, raising our profile across four continents and using one of the most effective media invented. DoubleClick`s flexibility and network of regional offices make them an excellent partner for this venture.”


Eric Stein, managing director DoubleClick UK, said: “This partnership gives us the chance to offer the kind of flexible, targeted and successful campaign we do best. It is exciting to see two leaders in their respective fields coming together to use the global marketing capabilities of the net in what is one of the first truly global advertising campaigns.”