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E-Ticket Use Surges With Interline Agreements.

å‘Interlineå’ electronic ticketing capabilities between Northwest Airlines and United Airlines is now available, making it possible for customers to use a single e-ticket on either airline.
Northwest now has interline e-ticketing with United and Continental, and expects to offer interline e-tickets with all major carriers in 2002. United has agreements with both Air Canada and Continental.

The interline technology allows customers to use a single e-ticket issued by Northwest for an itinerary that also includes travel on United and vice versa. Previously, customers were required to obtain a separate e-ticket for each carrier.
Interline e-tickets for travel on Northwest and United can be issued immediately by Northwest or United reservations representatives or at airport or city ticket offices. In the near future, travel agents will also be able to issue interline Northwest-United e-tickets.

Customer demand for e-tickets at Northwest continues to grow. In November 2001, a record 67% of the tickets used by its customers throughout the world were electronic, with nearly 75% electronic ticket usage in the domestic market, and 10% electronic ticket usage internationally.

Usage of electronic ticketing at United has also surged with more than 70% of United`s customers traveling in the U.S. using e-tickets, which are available in 100% of the airline`s international destinations. United`s surveys have also shown that electronic ticketing is the preferred form of ticketing for more than 90% of the customers who use it.