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GetThere Cuts Travel Costs For J.D. Edwards.

Enterprise software provider J.D. Edwards has cut travel transaction costs fifty percent with the help of the GetThere corporate online booking tool.

Accessed from the J.D. Edwards corporate intranet, the online travel site was launched in September 2000, after the corporation recognized growing use of online booking systems to dramatically reduce travel expenses.

After the initial launch, employee use of the online system to book business-related travel reached a 50 percent adoption rate in less than one year. The travel department has seen a savings of $60 to $100 per ticket booked online. The number of travel agents required to work on travel bookings at the company has been reduced, with agents now able to focus on providing specialized services to travelers. J.D. Edwards has also further streamlined its travel program by outsourcing the fulfillment of tickets to a separate facility.

J.D. Edwards is a leading provider of agile, collaborative solutions for the Internet economy. The Company`s open solutions give organizations the freedom to choose how they assemble their internal applications and how they collaborate with partners and customers across the supply chain to increase competitive advantage. Founded in 1977, J.D. Edwards is headquartered in Denver.