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Innovative Hospitality Solutions Helps Companies Cut Costs in Uncertain Economy

Innovative Hospitality Solutions President, Neil Holm, expects the uncertain economy to put his company`s outsourcing services in greater demand.

“In most cases, we can provide the industry`s latest training and implementation expertise at a lower cost than a company can hire full-time staff. And in this economy, full-time hiring will no doubt be cautious. Outsourcing is a good way to even out workload fluctuations without having to pay full-time costs.”

Innovative Hospitality Solutions is an international company specializing in providing the hospitality industry with expert outsourced software implementation and training staff and providing technology consulting. “We`ve worked successfully with many software developers over the years. Some months they`re busy and some months they`re not, so it doesn`t make sense to have a full-time implementer/trainer around. Or they might be facing a new roll-out, and they have to scramble to get the right people in place on time.” Holm says, “The software companies like us because our trainers are hospitality experts that know the industry`s operations inside and out, all at a price that`s hard to beat.”

Typically in uncertain economic times, companies will place full-time hiring on hold until the economy shows signs of stabilizing. It is difficult (and expensive) to attract (and keep) dedicated resources. Salaries, benefits and necessary training costs can add up quickly. “We also expect our ISM (Information Systems Manager) services to be popular in this economy for the same reasons”, says Holm. “Our ISM service is geared to the independent hotels in the regional areas of Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Calgary and Toronto. Our staff has all worked extensively in the hospitality industry. Their job is to make sure the end-users` systems and related operating procedures are running smoothly, so the property staff can concentrate on what they do best - serving their guests.”

Holm says, “Our training and implementation services are more geared towards system roll-out and our ISM services to the ongoing maintenance of systems, but more importantly we use our expertise up front in the planning stage - to help companies even before they choose their technology. Such a costly capital decision should be based on facts to ensure the company installs what it truly needs within its budget. We facilitate Technical Information Audits and provide unbiased systems consultations to help clients through this daunting process.”


Innovative Hospitality Solutions is relentless in finding the best technology trainers, implementers and consultants. Staff must know how to translate complex information into everyday end user language, bringing it all down to a workable level. “It really all comes down to our people,” sums up Holm.