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200 senior wireless and travel executives meet to discuss how wireless will affect the multi-billion

The revolutionary ‘Wireless in the Travel Industry 2001’ conference is soon to hit Los Angeles as part of EyeforTravel’s successful global conference series.
Taking place on the 11th-12th September 2001 at the LA Convention Center, the conference will be part of the PCIA GlobalXChange, America’s premier mobile exhibition which last year saw an attendance of 18,300 wireless industry movers and shakers and 660 exhibitors. This unique conference is set to bring together senior executives from all facets of the travel industry with the world’s leading mobile technology and content suppliers to discuss cutting-edge issues associated with wireless and travel industry.
The conference program will feature case studies and panel sessions from visionary leaders in the travel and wireless industries. Previous speakers at EyeforTravel events include executives from Expedia, Travelocity, American Airlines, Cendant, Sabre, Delta, Continental, Starwood, Nokia, Hotwire, Marriott, and Ericsson.
“EyeforTravel’s ‘Wireless in the Travel Industry 2001’ is the must attend event for everyone involved in the distribution and customer service of the travel product through wireless channels. With so many key decision makers together under one roof and the unparalleled networking opportunities at PCIA GlobalXChange, it will be the premier place to do new business, develop new strategies and form new partnerships”, says Event Director Carl Goodman.
Further to the success of our global EyeforTravel event series over the last 4 years we are expecting hundreds of senior marketing and technology executives from the world’s leading airlines, hotels, travel agencies, mobile technology and content suppliers at the event.