Breaking Travel News chooses Advanced Web Ranking is the world leader in mobile city guides for destinations such as,,,,,, to name a few.

With network data speeds increasing and smartphones taking a large chunk of the new mobile device sales (Apple’s iPhone, RIM Blackberry), mobile search is rising exponentially. But investing time and effort in a mobile SEO strategy is wasted if actions cannot be tracked over time, so looked to Advanced Web Ranking, a website ranking software produced by Caphyon, to accurately document the results of its strategy.

The list of search engines was very extensive and was sceptical at first whether it could apply this software to its mobile sites. was very pleased to find that the list of serach engines included mobile specific search engines which showed non-mobile web results, as well as mobile specific web results from the likes of Yahoo Mobile, Google Mobile, and MSN Mobile.

This way was able to track their SEO ranking across all the major mobile search engines by each of their cities and by keyword on a daily basis. With the use of the chart tools, which come with the software, they were able to view the evolution in time of each keyword’s performance in the search engines giving it a very valuable visual perspective of our keyword performance.

Another great feature is the ability for to schedule the keyword ranking updates during the night hours which allows them to check the updates first thing in the morning allowing Advanced Web Ranking to work for them while they were away from the office.


As mobile SEO strategy will be key to’s growth in the long term, they wanted a reporting tool that would be easy to use. Advanced Web Ranking provides printable reports which automatically uploads to its website via FTP enabling it to access from anywhere. It can also personalize reports for easy presentation to its marketing team and management.

Charting the SEO ranking of selected keywords is made even more valuable with Page Markers. can segment its keywords to view performance over time based on page marker settings. This will prove very valuable over the long term as has over 600 cities world wide and easy visualization is key to efficiency in reporting.