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Greenpeace applauds Dominica’s stance on whaling

International environmental protection organisation Greenpeace has released a video advocating travel to Dominica in light of the island’s decision not to support “Japan’s agenda of re-establishing commercial whaling”.

Dominica is known as the ‘whale watching capital of the Caribbean’, since whale species are present year-round in its waters. For the last two years it has abstained from voting at the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which has 70 member nations. According to Greenpeace, “Japan’s lobbying has bought the votes of many Caribbean countries. Japan uses generous fisheries aid packages to entice small, cash-strapped nations to support them.” Greenpeace goes on to state that Dominica is now “the only East Caribbean IWC member country that does not support Japan’s drive to resume commercial whaling.”

The Greenpeace video encourages potential visitors to choose Dominica if travelling to the Caribbean, highlighting its natural attractions including the volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, natural hot springs and black-sand beaches.