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When your cruise goes wrong, what can you do?

When your cruise goes wrong, what can you do?

As exhausted passengers were disembarking their disabled cruise ship on Valentine’s Day, many people thinking about booking a cruise of their own this year are thinking, “What if that had been my vacation”?

February is the time most people start to think about and book their vacations on cruises. While images of long hours on the lido deck, sumptuous buffets every night and conga lines in the disco may be part of your dream trip, remembering your safety and preparing for the unexpected may create a more stress free cruise experience.

Just a year ago, the cruise ship Concordia ran aground in Italy. Who could have foreseen such a disaster? Then the recent news about the Carnival Cruise Triumph, and incidents of Norovirus ruining vacations for cruise ship passengers around the world this winter.

Expect the Unexpected
Travel insurance covers the unexpected. From illness, injury, trip interruption, to lost luggage, security evacuation and more, obtaining insurance is a smart move, especially if you are traveling internationally.  If you suddenly fall ill or become seriously injured and need emergency medical evacuation back to North America, you can easily find yourself spending $50,000 or more, warns the U.S. Department of State.

“People plan their entire lives to take a cruise,” says Daryl Trawick , President of Trawick International, a leading trip insurance provider. “They can spend over $20,000 on a dream cruise vacation and jeopardize losing it by not obtaining international travel insurance. For the percentage of what it costs to purchase a policy, it’s more than worth it for peace of mind. As those of us in the industry know, you should only insure what you can’t afford to lose.”
Another benefit to international trip insurance is if something impacts the entire ship, like the Concordia accident or other mishaps like severe weather or mechanical failure.


Having trip insurance can cover your losses and make you whole.
“When shopping for trip insurance plans, be sure to review what is covered and how much coverage you will get in case an emergency arises,” Trawick explained.

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