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Luxury Spa Seekers ignore recession

According to Anne Biging, managing director of leading hotel and spa specialist, Healing Hotels of the World, the global financial recession is being widely ignored by travellers seeking top quality health facilities in excellent surroundings.‘We’re getting calls from people around the world who are stressed and want a true wellbeing and health program not just a pampering,’ Ms Biging explained.

‘They call us as it is now recognised that Healing Hotels established the world benchmark for standards in our industry. And we’re delighted to be able to help as we cover a comprehensive wealth of properties,’ she said.


Healing Hotels is now one of the world’s fastest growing hotel groups. Ms Biging put the group’s success down to the clear and strict criteria for membership.



‘Having strict criteria for what makes a healing hotel of excellence has paid off.


‘We were prepared to grow slowly to get the right members—and this approach is now paying dividends. Our policy is not only great for guests who are happy to pay to get the best, but good for the all members as they know the Healing Hotel brand is not being diluted,’ Ms Biging pointed out.


‘Membership in Healing Hotels of the World is by invitation only and properties must meet strict criteria going well beyond spa treatments,’ Ms Biging said. ‘It certainly pays off for guests. Whether it is related to cuisine, meditation or yoga, health or lifestyle consultancy, our hotels offer high quality holistic health and healing services.’


Healing Hotels’ members are frequently acknowledged as outstanding by experts. For example, the Karkloof Spa in South Africa recently received The Tatler Magazine’s coveted “Most Exciting Discovery of 2009” award.