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Visa release tourism outlook report

A Global Market Insite study commissioned by Visa Inc. polled 5,539 adults across 11 countries who have traveled internationally in the past two years, and have a payment card.

According to a new survey of international travelers in 11 countries, 44% of respondents say the last 12 months has not affected their willingness to travel abroad. And 23% of international travelers are more willing to travel abroad compared to one year ago.    *  On average, respondents plan to take three cross-border trips in the next two years. Overwhelmingly, these are pleasure trips - 89% cited leisure as the purpose of travel.

  * While interest remains strong, travelers are not immune to economic realities. When asked what might make them less willing to travel internationally in the next two years, top factors included: cost of travel (52%); decrease in disposable income (43%) and unfavorable currency exchange rate (39%).


  * The majority (83%) of international travelers are modifying their plans in response to the economic environment. Here’s how they plan to do so:


1.  Traveling during the off-peak season for lower prices (52%)

2.  Traveling to countries where the cost of visiting is less (33%)

3.  Traveling to countries where the exchange rate is more favorable (29%)

4.  Traveling closer to home (27%)


  * Most popular destinations for the next two years among international travelers: US, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada.


The survey is part of Visa’s Tourism Outlook reports, a series of reports that combine the international survey insights with actual Visa card spending for 2008 and 2007. Visa introduced Tourism Outlook: Canada last week and plans to release a U.S. report later this spring.