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Cheapflights launches Australian site

Flight comparison website Cheapflights is continuing its international expansion with the launch of a new site dedicated to Australia and New Zealand. is based on the search box navigation format that provides users with deals from providers of flights, or packages of flights plus hotel deals by date.The site follows the launch of a German-based site last October,, as well as a Canadian version in 2007,

Chris Cuddy, Cheapflights CEO added: “The introduction of our new international technology platform last year has enabled us to significantly accelerate the rollout of new websites and to ensure that consumers have a broad choice of flights providers, inspirational travel guides, and great deals. We will also continue to invest to make a highly effective and independent marketing partner to the travel industry including airlines, budget airlines, consolidators, online travel agents and the long-tail of small and specialist high street travel agents.”

Mo Bulbrook, Cheapflights’ Head of International said: “Even though the site was brought to you by ‘whinging pommies’, Cheapflights believes Aussies & Kiwis couldn’t give a XXXX if it leads to better flight prices.”

The original UK site, was launched in 1996, and pioneered online flight price search. It was the first UK dotcom to introduce pay-per-click in 2000, which helped to transform online advertising. The site does not sell tickets but publishes flight deals from airlines, budget airlines, online travel agents and the long tail of other specialist flight deal providers.