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UK tourism leaders call for government support

Britain’s top industry executives are hoping to give the nation’s flagging tourism sector a boost tomorrow as they join forces to urge the government to play more of a supportive role.

The call to action comes as VisitBritain is set to reveal the findings of a review into the sector commissioned by the UK government.Chairman Christopher Rodrigues will present the findings to 200 top tourism executives at the VisitBritain’s AGM on Wednesday. He is expected to put pressure on tourism minister Barbara Follett MP, who is also speaking at the event, to outline the government’s plans to help the industry.

Tourism leaders have criticised the Government heavily in recent years over its failure to support the sector. The latest blow came last month when Ms Follett refused a one-off state payment to help VisitBritain market the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The review, commissioned in 2007 and prepared by VisitBritain and accountancy firm Deloitte, will claim that effective promotion of the UK tourism industry could create more than 50,000 jobs by 2018 and boost the number of visitors to the country.

VisitBritain are also expected to unveil a new campaign, according to The Telegraph. The weakness of sterling will be used as the main selling point of the campaign to help the UK’s tourism industry through the recession.