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Lufthansa makes sustainability list

Lufthansa has again qualified for inclusion in the
internationally recognised Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.The
index, which is compiled by Zurich-based SAM Sustainable Asset
Management Indexes GmbH, lists companies whose management strategies
take account not only of economic but also of environmental and social
criteria. Lufthansa has had a firm place in the DJSI for several years
and thus belongs to the top ten per cent of companies worldwide that
lead their industries in sustainability. In comparison with 2006, the
Group made significant improvements in all three dimensions of corporate
sustainability and scored the highest overall number of points since its
first inclusion in the index in 1999. Lufthansa received top ratings in
the categories Network Management, Efficiency and Environmental
Reporting, among others.

Lufthansa sees this as confirmation of its strategy of sustainable and
profitable growth. “There is a strong link between economic success and
a corporate policy geared to sustainability and environmental
protection,” said Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO and Chairman of the Lufthansa
Executive Board. “Only through the harmonious interaction of the three
pillars economy, social responsibility and environment is it possible to
uphold a corporate culture that fosters growth and to assure the Group’s
sustained business success.”

Lufthansa’s environmental performance continues to go from strength to
strength. Since 1991 the airline has succeeded in lowering its fuel
consumption by almost 30 per cent to 4.4 litres per 100
passenger-kilometres. At the same time, the company realises half of its
annual transport growth without any additional CO2 emissions. Lufthansa
is currently investing in new, fuel-efficient aircraft and has been
involved in climate research for many years.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, Lufthansa has also
continued its excellent performance: At present, the Group employs some
101,000 people, about 63,000 of them in Germany. By the end of the year,
Lufthansa will have created about 3,000 new jobs in Germany alone. In
order to promote a healthy work-life balance among its employees,
Lufthansa offers numerous innovative work-time models. Part-time staff
account for about 25.7 per cent of the Group’s workforce.