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Airlines black list: Europe adopts new measures

The European Commission adopted the fourth update of the Community list of airlines banned in the European Union. This list includes an operating ban of all Indonesian airlines as well as of the Angolan flag carrier, TAAG Angolan airlines, and of Volare Aviation Enterprise from Ukraine.

The restrictions previously imposed on Pakistan International Airlines are modified. In addition, airlines from Russia (10) Bulgaria (6) and Moldova (8) have to stop their operations in the European Union on the basis of new measures adopted by these States following consultations with the European Commission.

‘Once more, the EU black list will prove to be an essential tool not only to prevent unsafe airlines from flying to Europe and to inform passengers travelling worldwide but also to make sure that airlines and civil aviation authorities take appropriate actions to improve safety,’ said Jacques Barrot, Commission Vice-president in charge of transport.

The measures adopted by the Commission include, in particular:

(1) a ban on all the 51 airlines certified in Indonesia;


(2) a ban on the Angolan passengers carrier, TAAG Angola Airlines;

(3) a ban on a cargo operator from Ukraine, Volare Aviation Enterprise;

(4) the operational restriction already imposed on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) since March 2007 is modified in order to allow operations into the Community with specific Boeing 747 and Airbus 310 aircraft in addition to its Boeing 777 fleet already authorised;

(5)a revision of the list of existing Kyrgyz companies inserted in the List.

Besides this update of the EU black list, other preventive safety measures have been adopted unilaterally by some national civil aviation authorities following consultations with the European Commission, in particular:

- The Russian Federation decided to prohibit all operations to the EU by four local passengers airlines ( Kuban Airlines, Yakutia Airlines, Airlines 400, Kavminvodyavia) and imposed restrictions to the operations of six other operators (Gazpromavia, UTAir, KrasAir, Atlant Soyuz, Ural Airlines and Rossyia) limiting the number of aircraft used for such flights.

- Bulgaria decided to extend the measures imposed on local cargo carriers by revoking the certificates of Air Sofia, Bright Aviation Services, Scorpion Air and Vega Airlines, suspending Air Scorpio and prohibiting operations of Heli Air Services in EU Member States as well as in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

- The Republic of Moldova withdrew the certificates of eight carriers (Valan, Pecotox, Jetline International, Jetstream, Aeroportul Marilescu, Aeronord, Grixona and Tiramavia) which were not subject to an appropriate safety oversight.

The new list is available on the Commission’s website: