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Albuquerque reveals new site

The Albuquerque Convention &
Visitors Bureau has announced the launch of the new website
promoting Albuquerque—located at vibrant new
design showcases the rich culture and heritage of the area while providing
powerful new online tools for planning a visit to Albuquerque throughout
the 400+ pages of the re-developed and designed website.
  The Albuquerque CVB, in partnership with Aristotle Interactive,
( developed the new website with a design
that reflects Albuquerque’s destination branding and advertising campaign.
The new website features a sophisticated design incorporating a punched
tinwork border of the ad ACVB campaign, developed in 2006. The branding
campaign centers around the authentic Southwestern heritage and rich
culture that permeates throughout the Albuquerque area. The Albuquerque CVB
commissioned local artists to design and craft distinctive pieces of
Spanish- inspired punched tin, a Western-inspired tooled leather frame and
an authentic piece of Native American pottery to be used as the basis for
the campaign visual design.
  Albuquerque’s authentic culture and heritage, dramatic landscape,
tremendous outdoor recreation opportunities and passion for hot-air
ballooning have become the core components of the marketing elements used
in conjunction with the artistic designs of the campaign. These elements
identify Albuquerque’s distinctive characteristics.