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TAM boosts fleet to 87 planes

TAM S.A. has received another Airbus aircraft A320. The aircraft will be incorporated as of the coming weekend.It will be the 6th aircraft airbus A320 incorporated this year into TAM’s fleet, which reaches 87 aircraft, being 65 Airbus models—13 A319, 42 A320 and 10 A330, three of which are subleased but will return to the company this year.

The aircraft acquired by TAM will fly domestic routes as well as routes throughout South America, following the increase in demand observed over the last months. According to ANAC (Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil), the Brazilian authority, the domestic market increased 21.5% in the period from January to June.

With the arrival of this A320, TAM reinforces its policy to operate a young aircraft fleet, assuring more comfort to its passengers and a high technology product.

TAM’s fleet planning established with Airbus foresees the delivery of another 29 aircraft from the A320 family, plus 20 options. Last month, the company announced the signature of a MOU with the manufacturer for the acquisition of another 37 Airbus aircraft 15 A319, 16 A320 and 6 A330. TAM estimates to close the year with a minimum of 96 aircraft.