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Skål unveils ecotourism awards

Skål International is inviting companies from the public
and private sector as well as NGOs to submit entries for the Ecotourism Awards.In its fifth year, the programme is sponsored by Evian Waters and Iznik Foundation.
The 2006 Awards will be presented in Pattaya, Thailand on 16 October 2006 during the
Opening Ceremony of the 67th Skål World Congress by the President of Skål
International, Jan Sunde.

Skål, founded as an international association in 1934 is the largest organisation of
travel and tourism professionals in the world, embracing all sectors of the tourism
industry from hoteliers to travel agents, to airlines, tourism media, tourism
students and similar. Skål, with 22,000 members is active in 90 countries and in
almost 500 locations worldwide.

Skål International is an Affiliate Member of the World Tourism Organisation whose
mission is to promote the development of responsible, sustainable and universally
accessible tourism. Skål International in line with this vision, following the
United Nations declaration of 2002 as the Year of Ecotourism and the Mountains,
launched the Ecotourism Awards in the same year and first awards were presented
during the World Congress in Cairns in 2002.