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Health-focused hotel coalition expands

Healing Hotels of the World has expanded its offering to enable hotels, resorts and spas to be benchmarked so consumers know they meet the highest standards of both luxury and wellbeing, managing director Anne Biging, said today.

“We’ve been encouraged by the response to Healing Hotels of the World from hotels, resorts and spa owners around the world who want to add an holistichealth and transformational approach. High quality healing hotels and resorts are of rapidly growing interest to today’s consumers,” she said.
Healing Hotels of the World brings the first true international basis for a system to bring clarity to an often confused spa market and ensure their approach to healing, as well as their facilities, meet the highest standards.
“Healing Hotels of the World has three platforms to assist hotels,”  she said. “We offer a consultancy and training of excellence programme to hotels wanting to develop an individual, state-of-the-art approach to holistic health as well as comprehensive marketing solutions for members. Thirdly, we offer a series of Retreats and Master Programs conducted by world-leaders in their fields.”
Healing Hotels of the World, based in Germany, has offices in Australia, India, the US and the UK. Membership is by invitation only and consists of the finest
hotels throughout the world.
“Spas have boomed worldwide for the past decade. What differentiates our members is their commitment to seeing health and wellbeing in the broadest sense. We take an integrated approach to healing to ensure each guest maximises their potential. Our holistic approach includes recognition of theimportance of the hotel’s overall ambience plus its implementation of holistic health and wellbeing,” Ms Biging added.