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Web 2.0 travel website launches

A new travel search engine,, which uses Web 2.0 and RSS features that are dedicated to the travel domain is launching.Web 2.0 changes the way we perceive information. boardinGate uses Web 2.0 in the travel domain (i.e. Blogs podcasts, ajax, tags, etc) and is particularly attentive to RSS, which represents a formidable opportunity for this sector.

RSS is spreading rapidly across the internet. The new format is changing the way we access news, revolutionising the way we inform ourselves - the required information comes to the user. An intelligent tailored access to information - each surfer, depending on his requirements, can personalise his news bulletin: “It is information on demand.”

A well informed traveller is a happy traveller!

boardinGate is dedicated to helping travellers in preparing, inspiring and sharing your voyages. boardinGate, the 1st engine to be dedicated to travel information, is open to all professionals wishing to diffuse information and disposing of an RSS stream.

As detailed by Loïc Kwan, co-founder of boardinGate: ” RSS helps to better inform everybody before, during and after his voyage. We invite therefore every actor in this industry to unite. We wish to develop the use and development of tourism feeds. This is why we have created in our blog a mini guide called : Travel Industry Professionals, how RSS can help your organisation ! “


Francisque Lebrunie, the 2nd co-founder of boardinGate, explains: ” We believe in Travel Conversation or in other terms the Word Of Mouth of the Travel. The experience of tourists is an authentic source of information to help determine points of interest of the next destination. For this reason we synchronically index and categorise the streams of blogs and travel diaries with streams of professionals. “