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UK rail firm launches quiet coaches

‘B Quiet Please’ is the message from ‘one’ as the train operator launches quiet coaches on its new Mark 3 trains.As the roll out of the new Mark 3 carriages continues on the Norwich - London mainline, each of the train sets will have a ‘Quiet Coach’ situated in Coach B.

By June, the company will be operating 14 Mark 3 train sets on the mainline, replacing all its Mark 2 carriages.

‘one’s restaurant carriages are already designated as quiet coaches.

‘one’ is asking those who travel in Coach B and the restaurant cars to show respect for other passengers by remembering:

To use all electronic equipment quietly


No mobile phone calls. Passengers are asked to switch mobile phones to silent or discreet mode, and go to the vestibule at the end of the carriage to talk.

Mainline business director, Andrew Goodrum, said, “We recognise that some customers find mobile phones and personal stereos intrusive, and prefer to relax or work quietly on board. The quiet carriage has been set up in response to dozens of customer requests and we felt that the best time to implement the change was during the roll out of our Mark 3 fleet.”