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Rise in revenue for Cendant

For fourth quarter 2005, revenue totaled $4.3 billion, an increase of 7 percent over fourth quarter 2004, reflecting growth in Cendant’s real estate and travel businesses. Net income increased to $537 million, versus $357 million in fourth quarter 2004.

For full year 2005, revenue totaled $18.2 billion, an increase of 9% over 2004.

Cendant’s Chief Financial Officer, Ronald L. Nelson, stated: “During 2005, we continued to strengthen our businesses’ leading positions in the residential real estate, hospitality, travel distribution and vehicle rental markets that they serve. Each of our business segments individually generated organic revenue growth for the full year and, in total, our core reportable segments generated organic revenue growth of 5% for the fourth quarter and 8% for the full year. In addition, during 2005 we generated over $2 billion in free cash flow, and we returned over $2.5 billion in value to our shareholders, including over 70% of our free cash flow and the spin-off of PHH Corporation.”

With respect to Cendant’s plan to separate the company into four independent, publicly traded, pure play companies, Mr. Nelson further commented: “We are now in the execution phase and remain on track to complete the spin-offs of Real Estate Services and Hospitality in the second and third quarters of 2006, respectively, and the separation of Travel Distribution from Vehicle Services in October 2006.”



Based on current trends, the 2006 revenue and EBITDA outlook for Cendant’s Hospitality and Timeshare segments remains substantially unchanged from the most recent projection announced on December 13, 2005.

As a result of initiatives being undertaken by new management of Cendant’s Travel Distribution division to preserve and enhance the market position of its international operations, the Company currently expects the 2006 results of that division to be around the low end of the previously projected EBITDA range of $575 - $625 million (before separation costs).

The outlook for the Company’s other segments is as follows.

Real Estate Services - As a result of recent moderation in the residential real estate market, particularly in some of the markets where NRT is more heavily concentrated, the Company expects EBITDA comparisons (before separation costs) to be negative in first quarter 2006 versus first quarter 2005.

The impact on Cendant’s prior first quarter 2006 EPS projection is approximately $0.03 - $0.05.

The Company is taking actions to reduce costs at NRT, including consolidating offices, which should benefit results beginning in the second half of 2006. In addition, our open contracts have trended up in recent weeks, which normally indicates that home sales should improve in the next few quarters.

During January 2006, average homesale prices increased in the high single digit range, year-over-year, in our franchise and brokerage businesses, continuing the national trend of uninterrupted annual price increases that, according to government statistics, has existed since at least 1950. As a result, the Company currently estimates that Real Estate Services’ revenue will increase and EBITDA (before separation costs) will be about unchanged for full year 2006 versus 2005.

Vehicle Rental - The Company has modestly reduced its first quarter 2006 outlook primarily based on the expectation that corporate price increases will not take effect until later in the year when contracts come up for renewal. The impact on Cendant’s prior first quarter 2006 EPS projection is approximately $0.01 - $0.02.

As a result of the reduced first quarter outlook for Real Estate Services and Vehicle Services, the Company now projects first quarter 2006 revenue growth from core operations of approximately 6% - 8%, an EBITDA decline from core operations (before separation costs) of 14% - 16%, and EPS from Continuing Operations of $0.11 - $0.16 (before separation costs).

For full year 2006, if Cendant had remained together, the Company’s current expectation would be for high single digit revenue growth and low single digit EBITDA growth from core operations, excluding separation costs and the fourth quarter 2005 impairment charge at Travel Distribution Services. The Company plans to outline its full year 2006 projections for the four new companies at its Annual Investor Day scheduled for March 21, 2006.