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Macdonald Hotels in recruitment drive

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts is planning to recruit 25 graduates to take part in its 2006 in-house training programme.

Following the success of its inaugural graduate training scheme last year, the company is increasing the number of positions available - whilst revealing a somewhat unique style of recruitment.

Focussed on four-star quality and excellence, Macdonald Hotels places great importance on the recruitment of high-calibre graduate trainees. The Group adopts an in-depth recruitment process to ensure its recruits have the qualities for such a demanding role - viewing them as the next generation of general managers.

Having reviewed applications to ensure that only the best candidates are selected, the Group’s resourcing manager invites a short list of interviewees to an assessment centre. Here, they take part in practical tests and ‘role play’ scenarios to demonstrate both their core skills, and aspirations to work in the industry. The final stage of the process is an interview with a General Manager.

The trainee programme, which lasts 18 months, starts in October. Macdonald Hotels is inviting suitably qualified candidates to apply online via its website.


Once on the training course, the successful candidates will work their way through the different hospitality disciplines, spending six months in Food and Beverage followed by six months Front of House. A further six months is spent behind the scenes, helping with duties such as financial forecasting and HR.

Speaking on behalf of Macdonald Hotels, Sara Stark, Resourcing Manager, said: “The hospitality market is particularly competitive: standards and levels of service are hugely important to us - as are the people who deliver them. Last year’s graduate intake proved very successful, and as a result, we are doubling the number of positions available on the training programme this year.

“We recognise how important it is to build and develop the right teams to take the group forward. So, I’m really proud of our selection process: we’ve put a lot of time and effort into perfecting it to ensure that we pick the right candidates for the right positions.

Sara concluded: “On completion of the programme, we hope that all candidates can take on a head of department position and eventually, the role of general manager. We invest heavily, both financially and in terms of time, in our graduates and offer them the best possible training, something I hope this year’s candidates can benefit from.”