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Poll highlights romantic spots

Paris and Venice are the number one destinations. While Seychelles, Maldives and Maui are the top choice as far away destinations. With lovers around the globe thinking about Valentine’s day, TripAdvisor, the world’s largest online travel information and advice destination asked travellers about their thoughts and plans for February 14.

According to a TripAdvisor survey of more than 1,500 travellers worldwide, Paris was the number one romantic destination of choice with Venice coming in a close second, although British Travellers voted for Venice ahead of Paris.

Further a-field, island paradises topped the poll with the Seychelles, Maldives and Maui being nominated.

The most romantic type of place to pop the question? “On a beach” was the top choice and “at a famous landmark” came next.

Interestingly, more men preferred proposing at a famous landmark while the beach was a more popular choice for women.


In a bar or night club was least popular whilst the hot blooded Spanish were most likely to do it in bed.

As for their plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the number one choice among TripAdvisor respondents was to go out for a romantic dinner, while spending a romantic evening at home was the second most popular.

Thirteen percent said they would not celebrate the Valentine’s Day at all.

Five percent of respondents plan to be home alone without a date and only one percent admitted to be “out looking for love” on February 14.