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Hotels regain control over rates

Thirty-seven leading hotel brands are signing up to Amadeus’ Best Available Rate programme. Participating hotels guarantee to supply Amadeus with rates that are the same or lower than those available through other distribution systems, branded websites or the hotel’s own call centre.

“Hotels are regaining control over their rates after the dark days of 2002 when they were forced to get rid of distressed inventory at rock-bottom prices. Since then, demand has returned and increasingly advanced Revenue Management technology has given hotels the leverage to direct their bookings through the higher-yield travel agency channel,” explains Antoine Medawar, Managing Director, Amadeus Hospitality Business Group. 

As well as securing the Best Available Rate, Amadeus hotel bookings offer more flexible cancellation policies than bookings made through hotel websites, online travel agencies or hotel wholesalers. In Amadeus, 76% of the available rooms can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance without incurring a charge. This compares with 52% for hotel websites, 40% for online travel agencies and just 20% for online wholesalers.