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Grenada casts out

Known by locals as the town that never sleeps, the small fishing village of Gouyave (pronounced: GWAV) on Grenada’s northwest coast has introduced a brand new event celebrating its deep sea fishing roots.

The Fish Friday Festival experience on St. Francis and St. Dominic streets
exposes visitors to an array of differently prepared freshly caught fish,
lobster, and other seafood that is cooked on open fires.

In addition, fish
cakes, shrimp kebabs, jerked marlin, barbequed snapper, local fruit juices,
beverages, cultural performances, and music combine to make the entire
experience truly enjoyable.

The event takes place once a week from 6:00
p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

“The Grenada Board of Tourism is pleased that this event is adding quality
to our tourism product and is hopeful that other communities will come on
board with other activities that augment Grenada’s offerings to both locals
and visitors,” said Naline Joseph, Director of Marketing for the Grenada
Board of Tourism.


An approximately 45-minute drive from St. George’s and the main hotel area,
Gouyave is also the center of Grenada’s nutmeg industry and is home to two
of the island’s most popular attractions, the Dougaldston Spice Estate and
Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Cooperative.