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GetThere extends Vision pact

GetThere and Vision 2000 Travel Group are signing a five year extension to its agreement
that designates the GetThere booking system as a preferred option for Vision’s corporate online reservations. Ian Race, Vice President Sales & Client Service for Vision 2000 Travel Group commented: “It is critical for us to have
a reliable corporate system that works across multiple GDSs and foreign
languages. GetThere’s ongoing commitment to delivering enhancements that work
worldwide make the product a vital component of our global growth strategy.”
  Vision 2000 Travel Group began offering the GetThere system to its
corporate clients in November 2000. Today, more than 30 Vision 2000 Travel
Group customers use the technology, including a number of prominent multi-
national firms. Vision 2000 Travel Group’s online corporate bookings increased
50 percent through 2005.
“Vision 2000 Travel Group has done an impressive job of leveraging
GetThere’s strengths to meet the needs of its diverse client base,” said Bev
Heinritz, general manager of GetThere. “The ongoing success of GetThere’s
agency distributor program has its foundation in agencies like Vision 2000
Travel Group, which work with us and corporate clients to creatively maximize
the benefits of online travel programs.”
  More than 80 travel agencies are Authorized Resellers in GetThere’s
Partner Program. The program provides agencies with an online tool
allowing them to create agency-branded online booking sites for corporate
clients. An agency can customize its booking site, combine it with online
support and other travel management services, and package the complete
offering for corporations.