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Expedia Corporate gets total redesign

Expedia Corporate Travel is unveiling a redesigned website and a set of new, on-demand searching and booking tools. These features aim to bring business travelers additional speed when planning
and comfort when taking business trips, allowing travel managers and companies
the opportunity to achieve more rigorous travel management and cost-savings
through higher policy compliance.
  The website, which was redesigned to reflect the evolving tastes and preferences of business travelers, contains a full array of new tools to guide business travelers through the booking process and reduce the need for outside assistance.

New features include:

  -  Trip Central, a single home page that welcomes users with a convenient
      dashboard that includes their relevant and customized travel

  -  Complete details for a pending trip are highlighted on Trip Central
      for individual business travelers, allowing them to see and make
      online itinerary changes such as additions, cancellations and voids

  -  The ability for travelers to see and exchange unused airline tickets
      while online, so there is no need to involve an agent at any point

  -  Automatic links to online airline check-ins

  -  Search enhancements that go beyond the narrow schedule and price
      searches offered by other online travel management companies, giving
      travelers a broad and deep view of all relevant flight options.

  -  Premium economy class bookings on select airlines

  -  Advanced autocomplete, which automatically fills in cities and
      airports as travelers are filling in their plans

Expedia Corporate Travel is also continuing to develop and create
additional tools that are built on its EPower(TM) service platform. These new features will automate a company’s manual internal travel
processes and highlight important travel information.

According to Cheryl Rosner, president of
Expedia(R) Corporate Travel, the redesign of the website will set Expedia Corporate Travel apart as the leader of next-generation business travel management. She commented: “In just three years, we’ve created more than 500 product features to help the business traveler have a great travel experience and travel managers run their program efficiently. When travelers are using these intuitive, on-demand tools that simplify policy-compliant bookings, it leads to impressive company savings and tighter travel management.”