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Mexican hotel shows strength

Hotel Marina El Cid in the Riviera Maya has set the new date of Feb. 18, 2006, for its grand opening. 
The deluxe all-inclusive resort was in its early stages of construction last October when Hurricane Wilma struck. A comprehensive evaluation by the El Cid Construction Company revealed minimal damage to the US$40 million resort near Playa del Carmen.

“The property’s solid concrete construction weathered the storm,” explains Carlos Berdegué, CEO, El Cid Resorts. “We were very fortunate that windows hadn’t been installed, landscaping and furnishing hadn’t begun, and the electricity and plumbing fixtures were not yet in place.

“Thankfully, the Riviera Maya was spared extensive damage,” Berdegué continues. “Rip tides actually widened El Cid Riviera Maya’s beaches. Additionally, the marina one block from the resort site suffered no damage whatsoever.”

The Riviera Maya is back on its feet, according to Berdegué. He notes public services, such as running water and electricity, have been restored, and hotels and restaurants are back in full operation.

“The beaches are as beautiful as ever, and authorities are optimistic
that a business-as-usual scenario will be in effect this winter,” he says.