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Quest moves to improve website

Quest Serviced Apartments are signing up for a new website and booking engine combination to automate online bookings.

Levart Distribution Systems is providing Quest Serviced Apartments with the website and booking engine combination that also provides simultaneous updates of information on up to 17,000 accommodation booking sites around the world.

Levart (“travel” spelt backwards) has been rolling out the new system to hoteliers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands over the past three months and says the system was developed in response to both consumer demand and the hoteliers’ desire for a cost effective on-line booking solution.

Levart’s Managing Director, Ian Simmonds, says in his role as a consultant to the hotel industry he met with scores of frustrated hoteliers who felt they were not getting value for money in existing systems and seemed to be constantly paying out money to IT companies whenever information changed.

“The beauty of this system is that it has been designed with the needs of both the property manager and the consumer in mind,” said Ian Simmonds.


“It’s not a technological solution in search of a market; it’s the exact opposite. So we know that this is what accommodation and property managers have asked for and it also satisfies the consumer’s demand for instant, confirmed reservations”