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Survey: 9% join mile high club

A recent poll shows that a surprising nine percent of 600 respondents claim to be members of the so called Mile High Club.The poll by Airlines.Ws asked it’s visitors whether they had ever had sex with a partner while flying as passenger.

The Mile High Club refers to people who have had sex while flying at over 5,200 ft - 1 mile up.

The Poll results have an error rate of +/- two percent.

Polling results showed little difference in response from men and women. Both sexes responded at around the 9 percent mark.

It is remarkable that women claim to have had as many sexual encounters while flying as men.


The results are not clear as to whether women have become as open and suggestive of their own sexual activity as men claim; or if the results are tearing away at old biases that suggest men tend to brag more about their sexual activities.

Psychologist say it isn’t difficult to understand why flying is such an aphrodisiac for both sexes. Everything from the physical vibration of the airplane to the raising of adrenaline from the sheer excitement of flying and the dangers involved.

The first published accounts of Mile High Club activity was in 1916. Lawrence Sperry, daredevil pilot and inventor of the automatic pilot and a New York Socialite, Mrs. Waldo Polk who Mr Speery was giving flying lessons crashed in the South Bay.

The pair were found naked by 2 duck hunters. Upon being rescued Speery claimed the crash “divested” them of their clothing.