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New Website for Spas of America

Spas of America has launched a new website featuring over 300 resort, hotel and destination spas in the United States and Canada. The new online experience enables spa enthusiasts around the world to search and browse premium spa listings, read health and wellness articles, spa reviews, browse and purchase Spa & Wellness products, and book vacation travel options.

President and CEO Craig Oliver says, “Spas of America is an exciting new online experience, positioning North America’s premium resort, hotel and destination spas at the fingertips of spa travel enthusiasts around the world.

“Spa & Wellness is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel and leisure industry,” Oliver says, “as an increasing aging and affluent population seeks healthy and relaxation-oriented vacation experiences.” According to ISPA—the International Spa Association—in 2004, 136 million visits were made to spas in the United States, generating an estimated $11.2 billion in revenues. Resort/hotel spas, while accounting for 27% of all spa visits, generated 48.2%, or $5.8 billion of these revenues.

The Spas of America website was created by Mike Cowie, co-owner of Cowie & Fox Creative. Cowie says: “Spas of America brings the Spa experience online for the customer, catering to their senses while delivering valuable information. The site empowers spa enthusiasts to search and browse resort, hotel and destination spas geographically, alphabetically, by keyword, or desired spa experience (beach, desert, city, mountain, etc.). All spa listings also leverage the Internet’s viral ability by offering a unique Spa a Friend functionality.”

Deborah Evans, General Manager of the Red Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah, says, “Spas of America is a fresh and engaging online experience for the spa enthusiast. The site’s simple and clean navigation, combined with rich imagery, illustrates our own unique Spa & Wellness experience to customers around the world.”


“Spas of America is ideally positioned to be a valued resource to consumers seeking valuable Spa travel information, and as a marketing medium for companies seeking to target the growing Spa & Wellness audience,” says Oliver. “Moving forward, Spas of America will form part of an international collection of resort, hotel and destination spas across Asia and Europe enabling spa enthusiasts around the globe to discover exciting new Spa & Wellness experiences.”