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Vertical Group in Cuba expansion

The Vertical Group is signing a deal to provide its TARSC system to Captivating Cuba.
Under the terms of the contract the specialist operator to Cuba will have access to TARSC’s front and back office technology, including the Magic Desktop booking system, to enable consultants and customers to make bookings and deliver the information into the back office management system.

The TARSC system has been installed at Captivating Cuba’s new London offices as well as within the operator’s Cuban office in Havana.

Vertical Group chief executive Peter Healey said: “It will enable the Havana office to access the same database with all of the clients’ information. We have this secure technology, which allows us to distribute TARSC internationally. It allows Captivating Cuba to have people working in Havana but selling in the UK and it provides complete transparency for everyone.”

The system also enables customers to click on their booking details at and have an online conversation via messaging with a representative from the operator.

The information contained within the TARSC system has to be delivered back and forth between the Cuba and London offices via satellite instead of the internet because of the embargo on Cuba from the United States where the internet is hosted.