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GTI launches supplier program

Global Travel International (GTI) is launching a preferred supplier
Program.  GTI is working with the industry’s leading suppliers of
cruises and hotels to further educate its agents and increase sales.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) participated in the inaugural full-month
program in November, resulting in a 300% increase in sales of NCL
product over the same 30-day period in 2004, exceeding all targets set.

The Preferred Supplier Program is supported by a combination of training
sessions at GTI’s state of the art headquarters, and staff/agent bonuses
and incentives.

The NCL training day consisted of an in-depth
presentation of NCL offerings, product updates, and selling technique

GTI’s headquarters in Orlando is the center of its host
agency with 140 full-time staff who support and service GTI’s home-based
agents. A full-time trainer is also on staff ensuring ongoing training
for all GTI staff and agents.


According to GTI President and CEO, Michael Gross, “the Preferred
Supplier Program is another clear demonstration of GTI’s commitment to
education, growing supplier relationships, providing comprehensive
marketing support, and the unique ability of its team of home-base
agents to drive market share for preferred suppliers. GTI is committed
to providing its agents with the most up-to-date and effective training

The Preferred Supplier Program offers the following benefits for

*      Access large number of active travel agents
*      An effective and efficient marketing channel for suppliers
*      A rich source of new revenue for suppliers
*      The ability to move market share
In 2006, companies participating in the GTI Preferred Supplier Program
will include Royal Caribbean, Club Med, Carnival Cruise Line and
Celebrity Cruise Line. After its initial success, NCL has planned a
second round of educational programs with GTI.

GTI also plans a number of new educational and training opportunities
for GTI agents in 2006, including specialized group travel courses for
gaming, family reunions, fundraising, seniors and more. Many of these
courses will be constructed and coordinated with specific suppliers and
vendors as an active sales tool for their products.

These new courses and opportunities will complement GTI’s existing
extensive training programs which include:

* GTI’s exclusive Certified Vacation Specialist (CVS)
seminar -
This seminar is facilitated by seasoned travel industry educators and
marketing experts who are committed to Agent success. They know what
works and they’re ready to share their knowledge and expertise during
this custom-designed program. This course helps to create a clear
marketing plan for Agent’s to use to build their business.

* The Global Tutor program - providing an in-depth audio Welcome session that walks each Agent item by item through their Welcome Kit, setting up their personalized web booking site, ResMax(tm), and how to book travel with GTI.

* Global Tutor On-Demand program - providing Agents
with a true online learning experience in an environment that allows
them to learn at their pace 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

* GTI’s exclusive Agent Marketing Campaigns - This
program gives each Agent the ability to start marketing travel to their
customers from their very first day.  Once enrolled, their prospects
receive regular marketing contacts in the form of email and direct mail
in order to get each Agent started on the right path. 

* CruiseCollege(tm) - An opportunity for GTI Agents to
access exclusive product and travel training while enjoying a full
cruise at reduced rates.

* Ship Inspections - These inspections provide tours of
some of the most magnificent vessels afloat and allow GTI Agents to
increase their product knowledge.

* Familiarization (FAM) Trips - GTI works closely with
suppliers to negotiate and create discounts that are available only to
GTI Travel Agents. In many cases, FAMs are offered based on an Agent’s
productivity and selling potential.

* Weekly Teleconferences - These weekly teleconferences
are conducted by expert guest instructors, including cruise line and
tour package vendors, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau representatives
and GTI’s own experts providing information on latest product offerings
and how to get the most out of GTI membership.