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Private island resort for Bahamas

John Melk, business tycoon and owner of private island Musha Cay Resort, plans to develop a second, nearby island in the Bahamas. Exercising his passion for island development, Mr. Melk is drawing up designs for the 20-acre Lansing Cay, located directly across from Musha Cay’s west side… what is being envisioned as a “mini-Musha Cay.”

Melk is the former developer of Fisher Island, a 215-acre Residential Island Community located between booming downtown Miami and trendy South Beach.

It is touted as the “most expensive zip code” in the United States according to the 2000 census figures with 700 condominium homes averaging $2.5 million.

Melk is also the owner of four islands in the middle Exuma Islands of the Bahamas, one of which is the Musha Cay Resort, the most luxurious private-island resort in the world.

The well-known Musha Cay Resort is 118 acres and the entire island is rented to one individual (and his party of up to 24 guests) at a time for a rate from $24,750 per day, all inclusive.


Located in the crystal-clear waters of the southern Bahamas, 85 miles southeast of Nassau, it is the ultimate private island experience, one of the last unspoiled tropical islands in the Caribbean.

Guests can choose to stay in their own private 10,000-square-foot manor house on the crest of a hill, in a secluded thatched-roof beach house, or in a luxurious two- or four-bedroom guesthouse with an outdoor Jacuzzi on a private beach.

Expansive terraces—handcrafted of mahogany—offer breathtaking panoramic views of the island and the turquoise sea, while the interior of each guest accommodation features West Indies-style design, with four-poster beds in each master bedroom.

Lansing Cay, Melk’s newest planned island project, is a smaller island and is a three-minute boat ride, Musha Cay’s main beach. Lansing Cay, where 75% of the island’s shore consists of sugar sand beaches, is in the initial planning stage and is planned to be an ultra-exclusive island paradise on a smaller, more intimate scale than Musha Cay Resort.

Melk’s inspiration came from observing what a famous entertainment couple (who were former frequent guests of Musha Cay) has done by developing a spectacular villa and support buildings on a nearby island of similar size to Lansing Cay.

The plan for Lansing Cay is to build a six-bedroom, three-story, 12,000 square foot Manor House at the highest point on Lansing.

The planned six-bedroom, three-story home will have a fabulous great room/dining room, a workout/spa area and a large veranda surrounding the entire structure with 360 degree panoramic views of the turquoise blue water that is famous in the Exumas.

Also, the home will have a perfect view of Musha Cay which Melk commonly refers to as his “labor of love.” Preliminary concepts for Lansing will somewhat mirror the Bahamian/English Colonial architecture of Musha Cay with some very interesting improvements according to Howard Holtzman, the original architect for Musha Cay.

A sea wall and boat landing will be built in deep water on the northern most tip of Lansing Cay and an additional, three houses will be constructed for the island manager, chef, other staff and guests.

It is planned that Lansing Cay will be available to rent when completed to guests who prefer an even more intimate getaway than Musha Cay and when Musha Cay is totally occupied and requires additional capacity. Completion is planned for Fall 2007.