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Gulf Air launches kids menus

Gulf Air is to launch new menus specially designed for children on all its flights. The new kiddies treat will come in brightly coloured boxes.Each box will be like a treasure trove of pint size delights containing, a specially created mini snack accompanied with loads of tiny treats like chocolates and little interactive games designed to keep every child happily occupied on their flights.

Gulf Air headquarters invited scores of children aged between three and 12 years, from different backgrounds to taste the food on offer and provide feedback.

Judging from the test marketing studies’ response, the youngsters from St. Christopher’s School, the Indian School, the Philippine School as well as toddlers of various nationalities, the new meals on board Gulf Air flights are going to be a huge hit.

“Some of the youngsters were amazing. Children will always tell you whether or not they like or dislike something and the best way to know whether or not you are providing the right thing for them is to get them to give their input,” says Gulf Air Head of Inflight Services Michael Kent.

The menus, created by Gulf Air’s Flying Chefs have taken into consideration the special dietary requirements of children and have been designed to engage and excite every youngster.


“Children are the most challenging customers to please and tremendous amount of market research has gone into creating these menus for our young customers,” says Kent.

“Each box is filled to the brim with a wide array of snacks, games and little treats, each of which we hope will bring a smile to every child’s face. We have taken into consideration the healthy aspects while creating these exciting options.”

The attention to detail is evident from the design of the meal box and its contents.

“Every meal is created in miniature size, we even have mini burgers to fit snugly into the smallest of hands,” adds Kent.

The meals are completely modular and can be customised to suite the special requirements of a child.

“If the parent does not want the child to have a particular component of the meal, then it can be replaced with another more suitable snack, according to the instructions of the parent,” says Kent.

“We want every child to leave our flights happy as a lark, with a face full of smiles and tummy full of yummy goodies.”