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Travel photo uploading via cell phone

TravelPod is launching a mobile photo uploading capability for travel bloggers, the new feature allows members to post camera phone photos to their travel blogs instantly.

“Our mobile photo uploader enables a new kind of personal travel reportage,” said Luc Levesque, vice president of technology for TravelPod Corporation.

“It turns an ordinary camera phone into an instant on-line photo publishing device.” Levesque said the mobile photo uploader means members are no longer required to wait until they are physically connected to the internet to document their travel adventures on

“Instead of saying they were there,” said Levesque. “ members are saying I am right here, right now.”

Martin Horne, president of TravelPod Corporation, said the new mobile photo uploader brings together the latest cell phone capabilities and a well-established travel blogging behavior.


“ currently hosts more than 300,000 photo and videos and that number has been growing by five to ten percent each month,” said Horne. “Travelers are very serious about organizing their photos and travelogues within”

Horne said that adding mobile photo uploads effectively integrates the latest generation of hybrid mobile communications devices, including camphones, into the same environment.

Horne stated that is at the fore-front of a new reality for the travel industry. “Every connected traveler is now a kind of foreign correspondent with the power to file spontaneous personal reports in the form of captioned photos posted directly to their TravelPod blog,” said Horne.

“This new reality will have a profound impact on the travel industry as a whole as more and more travelers share their illustrated opinions and obeservations on everything from the quality of their hotel accomodations to in-country social and political news.”

Horne called the mobile photo uploader a capability that minimizes the time and distance between the traveler and the travel blog consumer, and an important component of the company’s drive to stake out a leadership position among travel blogging and travel guidance websites.