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UK winter boom for vacations

A survey reveals a significant increase in the number of young working Britons opting for adventurous breaks in the quieter autumn and winter seasons.

ÊA report from the International Currency Exchange shows that almost a quarter of those surveyed said they were planning to take a holiday before Christmas because they could avoid the peak periods.

These peak periods such as school holidays is when holidays were far pricier - 23 percent of people now take their main holidays outside of the traditional summer months of July and August.Ê

This boom in late season holidays is largely being driven by young professionals without children.Ê 42% of married couples are without children and there’s been a huge increase in the number of one person households.Ê 30% of those surveyed were under 34 - typically those who are having kids later in life and enjoying the benefits.

Comments Paul Westerman, Marketing Manager, International Currency Exchange: “We are seeing the emergence of a nation of winter holiday makers.Ê Keen to get a break and unrestricted by school holidays, our survey has shown that holidaymakers no longer have to go away in August.Ê With plenty of long haul destinations offering winter sun, they can still get their summer holiday in winter.”


Keith Betton, Head of Corporate Affairs at ABTA commented: “Experienced British travellers without children now have the freedom to use their leisure time and money however they choose.Ê Increasingly, these people take several city weekend breaks throughout the year but enjoy an exotic holiday, typically towards the end of the year.”

Mr Betton continues “The days of waiting all year for a two week package holiday of sunshine in July and August are a becoming a thing of the past.Ê It seems that Britain’s singletons and young married couples are beginning to avoid taking their breaks during these hectic periods and are heading off on their breaks in the quieter months of September and October to relax and explore.”

Westerman continues: “To accommodate these changing holiday patterns and to meet the demands of holidaymakers, ICE has recently launched Cash2Go - a prepaid travel money card, which once loaded with pounds, dollars or Euros can be topped up and used again and again.Ê No hassle with changing money or cashing traveller’s cheques on return.Ê Just keep the card safely and use it for the next trip.”